Window Graphics

When buildings have large glass frontages (which generally don't allow fixing points to be made for signage), the best solution is often to use window vinyl as a means to create grand signage.

IQ Signage prints beautiful colour prints onto adhesive vinyl which can then be applied to windows or glass frontages on the exterior of buildings and also on windows of internal retail units. Window vinyl can be applied to the outside of the glass (for extra visual impact) or to the interior of the glass (at locations where there are concerns regarding interference).

There is no limit to the size of window vinyl project we undertake, at IQ Signage Projects we offer projects measuring 1m2 - 500m2, regardless of size every project is undertaken with similar care and attention.

At IQ we print window vinyl in two kinds of material:

  • ONE-WAY TRANSPARENT - When applied to the glass, allows in 90% sunlight and as such allows persons in the building to look outside from within without hindrance;
  • NON-TRANSPARENT - When applied to the glass, allows in 10% sunlight and does not allow looking out of the glass from within.

At IQ our graphic designers often use bright lifestyle images to create a sense of vibrancy on glass frontages which can otherwise look dull and empty. Why not take a look at some of our past projects to see how we can create the right image on glass for you.

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